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You can always make it BIG !

Benish Ali Bhat

What would you say if I tell you that a person who stammered well into his teens, has just spent 111 hours (four and a half days) at a stretch on air? Sardar Nasir Ali Khan or RJ Nasir, as you popularly know him, pushed the boundaries of radio jockeying in Kashmir with this feat. with this he also set an example that your weaknesses, however, big can be overcome.
“We began with a goal of completing 92.7 hours on air but then decided to achieve 111 hours which is a Nelson and looks good too,” says Nasir.

How about a break in Films?

Are you one of those creative types who love to think out of the box?

And, are you one of those trapped in the box because you don’t know how to put your ideas to work?

Then probably you can read on and seriously consider a career in films.

Acting, shakting, dishumdishum, uh, ah and all those chase and romantic scenes. Well, films are that, but much much more.

Broadly speaking you’ve two types of films. One, documentary films that deal with factual situations and real life persons.


I know. I know. You think golf is a game for the royals or the elite or the high flying. No. It is as much for you as anyone else. So let’s tee off.