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Changes in Parenting


In this issue of Mom & Pop, we talk to two generations of parents to understand how parenting has changed over time.Parenting has always been a challenge, but the approach one takes differs not only from person to person but from one generation to another. What are the things that today’s parents do differently from their own parents? Here Shafat Naqshbandi, a businessman, his wife Ms Nashia Vakil,his parents Prof Saleem Naqshbandiand Mrs Saleem Naqshbandi, and his aunt Ms Jameela Naqshbandi, an educationist, share their views with us.


To be in black is to know the truth, 

Which for ever and always, it has spoken

Light thought to be our friend, 

Is full of deception.

Darkness which shows the reality, 

the reality of life, Is pushed aside. 

Black, looks hopeless, yet holds every secret

So secretive, shows us nothing, 

TV journalism always fascinated me

An International News Editor with Istanbul-based TRT World News Mohsin Majid Mughal started his journalism career from Srinagar. In an interaction with Benish Bhat, Mughal recounts his journey from Kashmir to Turkey.

Television journalism has always fascinated Mohsin Majid Mughal, and quite early in his teens he wanted to be a part of it.

A bollywood dream

Benish Ali Bhat

Fifteen-year-old Zaira Wasim from Srinagar became the talk of the town after she landed a role in Bollywood biopic “Dangal”, produced by Aamir Khan Productions. She plays the child Geeta Poppat, India’s first female wrestler to win at 2010 Commonwealth games, and shares screen space with superstar Aamir Khan.

The journey from being just another girl at her school to a mini-celebrity was so fast that it took her completely unawares.

Perfect Smile

Who doesn’t aspire to have a perfect smile? For that taking care of Oral hygiene is very important. Dr Javaid Qanungo, Dental Surgeon at JLNM Hospital answers some common queries pertaining to dental health.
Q1: What causes dental problems especially in youth?

We’re eyeing your eyes

You spend so much time working on your teeny weeny netbook or its elder cousin the lap top or the grandpa of all of them -- the desktop. Mama told you so many times. So did Pops. “Beta, you’ll damage your eyes. Just leave that computer shumputeralone.” Isn’t it?  Excessive use of computer can cause vision and related problems. Experts call it CVS – computer vision syndrome. That’s a nice name, by the way. To find more we got in touch with DrSajjadFazilli, a top eye specialist of the valley and a fine cricketer of yesteryears.

Skin Problems

Acne, skin rashes, pigmentation, itching, a pimple here and another there and so on. Obviously, you find all this annoying. You dab this cream and that ointment thinking it’ll go away. Nothing helps. You pull your hair and scream, “Its not going away. Now, what do I do about this?” The frustration just keeps building up. “Will this leave me defaced?” Isn’t that what you ask?