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Follow your heart

Benish Ali Bhat

Art is a creative expression of ideas. Any career one chooses requires a certain amount of creativity, but a career in ‘fine arts’ is all about creativity and artistic skills.

Choosing fine arts as a career stream, however, is not an easy choice for fears of a lack of job security.  Many artists pursue another career alongside to keep the hearth burning.

Math - The Monster

What is it about mathematics that scares so many students? Why do the simple tasks of addition, subtraction, division or multiplication appear horrifying monsters to many? Eminent Kashmiri educationist Prof A G Madhosh says that a lot of students have an ingrained fear of maths from early schooling. “When we ask students as to why they don’t like maths, they simply reply that they cannot do it. This is because of the initial fear which they have faced in the beginning of their studies,” said Madhosh.

How to teach the new generation students?

Sheikh Shabir

As a teacher, I believe that it is essential to teach the new generation students differently. Every time, you plan your lesson or topic, you must keep your students in mind and never forget that they are active, curious and thinking beings.

Before assigning them an activity we should first understand the purpose of the activity and explain it to them. It has many benefits: one, students understand the purpose of learning something. Two, they feel motivated to learn. Three, their learning becomes better and effective.

The Gadget Generation

Are we raising smart kids armed with gadgets and technology, or are the gadgets intruding childhood.  Nishah Zargar reports.

Gone are the days when mothers and grandmothers would soothe crying babies by singing lullabies or making stories.  Now everyone knows how to make a weeping baby smile - just pop a smart phone with a video playing in their hand.

Humaira, a mother of two says, she has to hide her phone from her seven-year old.

What it takes to produce toppers - Jamia-tul-Banaat

Jamia-tul-Banaat, an Islamic institute for girls that also provides modern education to women, has taken many people by surprise by bagging top positions in the Arts stream in the this year’s Class XII results. Established as a college in 1999 in Srinagar’s Lal Bazaar area, the college offers Aalimah and Fazilah courses. The duration of the course at Jamia-Tul-Banaat is of six years. The students are taught Arabic in the first year, referred to as Pre-Aalimah, after which they join a two year Aalimah course.

What it takes to produce toppers - Cresent Classes

Launched in 2010, Crescent Classes is setting examples year after year by producing toppers in board examinations. Standing out, right from the beginning, 41 of the 55 students enrolled in the coaching institute cracked the AIEEE in 2010 - the year it started. In recently declared class XII results, it bagged 11 positions and 59 distinctions. “We believe in providing education in an environment that is conducive to learning and growth” says Mohammad Shahid, Director Crescent Classes.