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Over Burdened Generation

Beenish Ali


Mashood - Tyndale Biscoe School

Saddam Hussain - Cresent Public School

Jasafa Showkat - Green Valley Educational Institute

Arsh Aijaz - Mallinson Girls School

This edition of Let’s Talk features students from higher secondary classes whose daily routines are hectic. They keep on shuttling between their schools and tuitions. Do they lose themselves in the process? This is the question they debate with Benish Ali Bhat.

Be your own Boss

Insha Mir

If you are passionate about doing something on your own, are a risk taker, and can’t handle a boss, well then, entrepreneurship may just be the right thing for you.

In simple terms, entrepreneurship is about selling a product or an idea, but then it is also about innovating, like what new you have to offer, about packaging and repackaging products and ideas, and having knowledge of your target market. It also is about your leadership quality and how you can manage your business and let it survive in difficult times.

To be or not to be an RJ?

Well, our mushwara would be one if you have it in you. But exactly who is this RJ? An RJ is someone with vulcanised rubber lips, a tongue made of chewing gum, a brain made from saw dust, a square belly and a tail that glows in sunlight. We mean it. Go and check it out. PJ! PJ!

Cross evaluate teachers?

Hashim, teacher

It is important to have cross evaluation. There should be a feedback column on teachers in the admission forms. It will help teachers improve their skills and hold over the subject. This way students will also respect their teachers.

Aadil, student

There should be cross evaluation of teachers but through selected students because most are careless at young age. So only students who perform well in the class should evaluate and select their teachers.

Shafia, student

New Job policy


This policy will waste the time of youth. Seven years, seriously? And then only 25% salary for the next 5 years! A smart young guy or girl could set-up his or her own business in such a long time!


The policy is good. If people do not perform well at their jobs, they will be fired and that will eradicate administrative inefficiency. But this is only valid till the government has a proper review system.