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You can always make it BIG !

Benish Ali Bhat

What would you say if I tell you that a person who stammered well into his teens, has just spent 111 hours (four and a half days) at a stretch on air? Sardar Nasir Ali Khan or RJ Nasir, as you popularly know him, pushed the boundaries of radio jockeying in Kashmir with this feat. with this he also set an example that your weaknesses, however, big can be overcome.
“We began with a goal of completing 92.7 hours on air but then decided to achieve 111 hours which is a Nelson and looks good too,” says Nasir.

So when you are jockeying for five days and four nights, sleep can only be a daydream. “All I did was to take small power naps between songs but no real sleep. It was difficult but my listeners supported me and I did it for them,” he says.
The 30-year-old is chirpy, jolly and his demeanour makes him feel comfortable to talk to. His success as an RJ is just a reflection of that persona. Radio is his passion, something he was doing even before becoming a professional jockey.
“I have always loved this medium. I used to do this programme called ‘Western Music’ on AIR before I joined FM,” Nasir says adding that he found his mentor during that time. “I worked with Humayun Qaiser those days and a lot of what I know about radio came from him.”

Nasir has done his schooling from Burn Hall School and was a shy, stammering kid back then. “I wasn’t able to communicate properly and people would even make fun of me. I was afraid of answering teachers and kept mostly to myself.” He then went on to do his 10+2 from SSM, where a new atmosphere and school fuelled his confidence and his stammer started to go away. Although, in his twelfth he flunked his physics paper; “I just didn’t get the hang of it and had told my mother that science is not for me. But I didn’t have much of a choice back then.”

But as they say failures are stepping stones to success and Nasir is a good example. He went for graduation in English literature from Amar Singh College and it was during his college days that, he “started to get interested in radio and began freelancing in AIR (All India Radio).” Later he did his Post Graduation in Mass Communication from Delhi.
“After my PG I tried a little stint with TV as an Intern but then FM happened and here I am on air since 2009.”
Nasir did take a break for a year from radio due to personal reasons but feels that his listeners brought him back. “I came back because my listeners really loved me and that was even more evident during the RJ Marathon.”

Nasir adds that he is impulsive and can’t say what future holds in it for him but for now he is happy where he is.
From a quiet, stammering child to a person who loves himself, especially his size (or weight) and can’t keep quiet, Nasir has really come a long way. “I love myself the way I am. People do say that I am overweight but that’s how I like myself.”

The confident RJ believes that if he hadn’t ended up in radio, he would have become a chef. “I love food and cooking. My size makes that evident.”
Nasir has been featured in ‘Radio and Music’, one of the biggest radio news portals. According to him, the best thing that was told to him during his career was a listener saying, “Your voice gives me goose bumps.” Well I feel that line sums it all up nicely.

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