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Winter Woes !

Dry skin, Chapped lips & Cracked heels

Although temperatures these days hover around 10 degrees, winter air causes general dryness in your body. It shows up as dry flaking skin, chapped lips and cracked heels. This is normal in this season.  Winter air lacks humidity. It sucks out natural moisture from your skin and dries out it’s natural oils as well. But worry not. A few simple tips can keep your skin glowing. Here is how.

For dry skin:

1. Use lukewarm water for that early morning shower. I know we tend to use steaming hot water for bathing because of the cold, but hot water accelerates drying out of natural oils in the skin. It is just a matter of getting used to it. I would also recommend a good quality mild body wash gel. Low quality soaps usually add to the problem of chapped skin and other skin troubles.

2. For washing your face, which of course you do several times a day, use cold water. A mild face wash, instead of soap, will keep your skin soft. Wash away all traces of the gel with generous amounts of water. Avoid too much exposure to sun.

3. And to fight off the dryness, use a good moisturizing lotion after taking a shower. Apply it again before going to bed for better results. Ditto for your face.

For chapped lips:

While some branded lip balms may be of help, I would instead recommend that ‘apni wali Vaseline’. So go and buy yourself a bottle of Vaseline. But, yeah, not the white one, get the original yellow one. Apply it several times a day. Just keep this little ‘magical’ bottle in your pocket and keep applying it whenever you feel the urge to bite your chapped lips. Trust me you will see the results in a few days! I would love to see you smiling like this! 

For cracked heels:

It really gets so bad as winter begins. You have to hide your beautiful feet just because of your cracked heels. Follow these simple steps and get baby soft heels without any cracks!

1. Before going to bed, soak your feet in luke warm water and wait till the skin becomes soft.

2. Use  body wash or shampoo on your feet and rub them gently with a foot scrubber till the dry skin flakes off.

3. Gently dry your feet with a towel. Then apply a good amount of glycerin and massage your feet till all the glycerin is absorbed.

4. Wear socks to let the glycerin work well. And get ready to see your soft and fluffy feet in the morning.

 So good luck! And enjoy your supple, smooth and rejuvenated skin right through the winter! 

--Nishah Zargar

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