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What it takes to produce toppers - Jamia-tul-Banaat

Jamia-tul-Banaat, an Islamic institute for girls that also provides modern education to women, has taken many people by surprise by bagging top positions in the Arts stream in the this year’s Class XII results. Established as a college in 1999 in Srinagar’s Lal Bazaar area, the college offers Aalimah and Fazilah courses. The duration of the course at Jamia-Tul-Banaat is of six years. The students are taught Arabic in the first year, referred to as Pre-Aalimah, after which they join a two year Aalimah course. However, the Aalimah also have to pass the class XI and XII in Arts stream (from Jammu and Kashmir Board of School Education) at the same time. For the three year B.A Fazialah degree the institute is affiliated to University of Kashmir. The graduates are then eligible for a postgraduate course from the University. “Our primary focus is on female education because that is the best way to serve the society. We provide students with academic as well as hostel facilities,” said Abdul Rashid Dar, Administrator, Jamia-tul-Banaat. Jamia-Tul-Banaat takes students from all over Kashmir, with 10 per cent reservation for orphans, who are provided free education. “We provide students with best facilities and experienced teachers. Every year students make us proud by securing top positions,” said Dar. The Board results are a testimony to Dar’s claims. The institute secured nine positions in Arts stream including the top three this year. Out of a total of 116 students, 107 passed with distinction. Being an Islamic girls institute with boarding facility, Jamia-tul-Banaat has some strict rules and regulations to follow. A mobile phone is not allowed inside the institute, students cannot go out without permission and only ‘Mehram’ can come to meet the students. “We have complete Islamic environment inside the institute and a good management. We don’t allow wastage of time here. After the regular classes we encourage students for group studies,” said Ms. Abida Mansoor, Principal Jamia-tul-Banaat. The environment in this institute leaves almost no scope for distractions, making the students focus on their studies. However, the institute also encourages co-curricular activities like debates, quiz programs and seminars. “We allow our students to take part in co-curricular activities. They also write for the annual magazine ‘Tuba’. Besides all this we also provide physical education to our students,” Ms. Abida said.

  • Title: What it takes to produce toppers - Jamia-tul-Banaat
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