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We’re eyeing your eyes

You spend so much time working on your teeny weeny netbook or its elder cousin the lap top or the grandpa of all of them -- the desktop. Mama told you so many times. So did Pops. “Beta, you’ll damage your eyes. Just leave that computer shumputeralone.” Isn’t it?  Excessive use of computer can cause vision and related problems. Experts call it CVS – computer vision syndrome. That’s a nice name, by the way. To find more we got in touch with DrSajjadFazilli, a top eye specialist of the valley and a fine cricketer of yesteryears. He told us, “Not now.” He was busy ‘eyeing’ his patients. But then he got back. “There are myths and facts about this,” he said in a weary voice.  Fine, go and bust these myths,we told him. And, fritto, that’s what he did. 

Dr. Sajjad FazilLi


Fazilli Eye care centre

  • Title: We’re eyeing your eyes
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