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Sustainable Development: The way to go!

The only way to a beautiful future is adopting sustainability today, says Sameem Shafi Hafiz

Sustainable development is the use of natural resources in a way that not only our generation bears the fruit but also the ones that are to come. This development occurs in the present but with an outlook of the future.

All the natural resources should be used without compromising the needs of the future generation. The concept of sustainable development is gaining importance from past a few years, as the realisation is growing that natural resources are depleting at a very high pace.

In order to overcome the problem of
overexploitation of natural resources United Nations calls out to the developed countries which are economically sound and can easily particate in management of resources. There is a need to look for alternative sources of energy and these countries are putting in the research and effort. Inspite of the efforts the future continues to look bleak.

Talking of our own state of Jammu and Kashmir which is bestowed with beautiful environs and resources from lakes to mountains, from rivers to forests and what not. Unfortunately, proper management of these natural resources is absent because of lack of awareness and support of people. It is said that charity begins at home and that is what each one of us needs to understand.

Political uncertainty in the state has also added to the negligence towards environment by both  people and government.

Taking a simple example of our traditional cuisine, wazwan. It is known all over the world for its taste and variety of dishes but no one realises that the preparation of wazwan is  detrimental to the environment through the use of quintals of Firewood every year. With the world mordenising and looking for alternatives, what are we doing? Isn't it time to strategise the control of firewood use by the governtment and people. The there are our Bukharis and hamaams in winter adding to the stress.

The economy of our state is dependent on tourism and horticulture. These two industries contribute
most to the GDP of our state. The increasing inflow of tourists in the state leads to increase in employment and economy. But on other hand, it poses threat to natural resources of the state. We never think of the carrying capacity of the state when it comes to tourists. If proper management is done only then can the industry continue to survive in the future.

The Dal Lake which is symbol of Kashmir's tourism industry is dying due to the pressure it has and no proper management. From one of the cleanest lakes of world it has become one of the most polluted lakes of the world. But what are we doing about it? I am not talking about the government only but each of us at individual level needs to start thinking. We need to be aware about the importance of our resources. Let’s take a pledge of conserving our resources and develop our state, sustainably and try that all our growth should be environment friendly. Let's make susainabilty our life style for a brighter and greener tomorrow.

Sameem shafi hafiz
Bsc 2nd year

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