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Skin Problems

Acne, skin rashes, pigmentation, itching, a pimple here and another there and so on. Obviously, you find all this annoying. You dab this cream and that ointment thinking it’ll go away. Nothing helps. You pull your hair and scream, “Its not going away. Now, what do I do about this?” The frustration just keeps building up. “Will this leave me defaced?” Isn’t that what you ask?

To undo your frustration, we asked some youth to tell us what their specific problems are. We put these problems before DrIffat Hassan, a dermatologist who heads the Department of Dermatology, Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Leprosy at Government Medical College, Srinagar. So let’s see what DrIffat has to say. Here we go.

Q: I am 18 and I have acne and they keep coming frequently. My parents and friends tell me it’s normal to get acne at this age. Some friends suggested creams and ointments. At times I squeeze these pimples to get rid of them but they don’t go away. Am I doing right? _Ubaid Mir

Commonly teenagers make use of those creams that their friends are using or have been using to cure pimples but each human being has a different skin type and needs different treatment. Scratching and squeezing the pimples will damage your skin and can leave a scar. Even a small pimple needs proper treatment from an expert. So I would suggest avoid self-medication and see an expert. Young boys and girls often use excessive hair oil or hair gel to make their hair look good and stylish. But it can lead to pigmentation and acne especially along the hair margin.


Q: I am a 27-year-old working lady. I have pigmentation on my face. I consulted a doctor after which it went away for few months. But later it came back. Now I use beauty products to hide this pigmentation. Please suggest what to do? _HumairaAyoub

Pigmentation appears darker during spring and summer. Some types of pigmentation like melasma are very difficult to treat because of recurrence. Freckles, pigmentation and melasma need photo-protection (sun protection). So use sunscreen cream regularly to stop pigmentation. There are creams with steroids available in the market for treating pigmentation but you are not supposed to use them as cosmetics. These can thin out your skin and cause premature aging. Avoid using such creams that contain steroids. Better would be to consult a skin specialist once more

Q: I am 21 and usually get skin rashes and tanning because of exposure to sun. Although I use sunscreen, still I face the problem. Please help. _NylaShabir

Some people have photo-sensitivity disorder which means they’re allergic to sunlight. So if they don’t use sun protection or sunscreen creams, the skin gets damaged and that can cause wrinkles. If these problems remain untreated, they aggravate over time. If you have oily skin, go for frequent cleaning of skin and use gel based sunscreen. Otherwise use lotion-based sunscreen. Use a branded soap or good quality face wash. Moreover, use clean cold water. Use a sunscreen that suits your skin type. It will surely have a positive effect. Avoid being in the sun for too long. You can cover your face with a soft cotton cloth when you are out. Avoid dust. Avoid oily foods. If this doesn’t help, seek medical attention. Don’t try self-medication.


Q: I am a 30-year-old lady. I am getting married in the coming months. I don’t want to do any experiment on my face but at the same time I want to look great on my wedding day. Please give some suggestions. _ Sana Shafi

First congrats. For a bride-to-be I would suggest use standard cosmetic brands but it also depends on the type of skin. Strictly don’t experiment. It can lead to skin and hair related problems. I would emphasize consulting an expert before any idea of experimentation hits your mind and spoils your wedding day. Also be careful with the suggestions or tips your friends give you. Brides usually go for too much of make-up and that can cause problems. My advice would be–keep it simple.

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