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Peer Ki Gali

Benish Ali Bhat

At an altitude of around 11,300 ft, Peer Ki Gali is the highest pass on the Mughal Road and has historically served as a gateway to Kashmir Valley. 

The picturesque pass mesmerises tourists and travellers with its breathtaking beauty. The place looks surreal with gushing streams, fresh breeze and clouds floating all around.

The spot is increasingly becoming a favoured tourist destination.

Pir Ki Gali gets its name from the reverend Saint Shiekh Ahmad Karim. There is a shrine dedicated to him at the spot he dedicated to meditation.

Many believe the saint keeps the passes safe for travellers.

Ali Abad Sarai or the roadside royal inn of the Mughal Era constructed by Emperor Shah Jahan, is situated to the south of  shrine. 

The pass is overwhelmingly used by shepherds to move their flocks across Pir Panjal.

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