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New Job policy


This policy will waste the time of youth. Seven years, seriously? And then only 25% salary for the next 5 years! A smart young guy or girl could set-up his or her own business in such a long time!


The policy is good. If people do not perform well at their jobs, they will be fired and that will eradicate administrative inefficiency. But this is only valid till the government has a proper review system.


There are no reservations in this policy which is good. But, for years now mainstream political parties in Kashmir are trying to divert the young minds from the real issue. This policy just adds to the different tactics tried by different political parties.

Shabir, Student

People have misunderstood this policy. It is only for 15000 posts that are to be fulfilled on fast track basis by the respective district administrations. So I don’t think we should make so much fuss about it.

Junaid, Student

The policy is an attempt to remove the reservation system, and that is cool. It is a good change because these reservations are totally unfair.


This policy will promote nepotism. Also, 7 years is too long a time to judge the performance of the employee. It should have been a year, or 2 years at the most.


This policy will give rise to corruption and favoritism and the tragedy is that even  gazetted posts have been contractualised, further discouraging unemployed youth.


It is disappointing. Everyone hopes after completing studies he will get a permanent job. But now it is better to leave studies after matriculation and do  some business. The policy will force talented, qualified youth to opt out of the state.


The policy is a big joke, trying to divert youth to private sector which is almost completely absent here. I don’t know where the youth will go.


There are so many youth in our state who have crossed 30 and are still unemployed. If they get a job and work for 7 years, and then get fired, where does that leave them? This policy needs to be revisited.

Tauheed, Student

Last time SSB got more than ` 7 crores  from applicants and only those people got selected in that recruitment who either had godfathers or money to buy the posts. This policy is another tactic by the government to get money from the unemployed youth.


New job policy will just add to the already growing dead wood in the administration. The anti-youth policy is going to put the youth at razor edge. Low salaries will promote corruption.

Muzaffar, Parent

If anything, there should be a screening system for who should become the policy-makers and decide the fate of our children.


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