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Mody University organises debate on Career choice

Mody University, Rajasthan organised a debate in University of Kashmir on the topic, ‘Should career be made on interest or academic ability’.  Students from different colleges and university departments participated in the debate.

Mody University is a women exclusive university and they believe that women need to be put in the driver’s seat in India.

Most of the participants argued in favour of interest driven career, while only two spoke in favour of careers driven by academic ability.

Speakers emphasised that parental pressure was a major concern and that parents need to understand the interests of their children.

Fiza Qureshi of Gandhi Memorial College, Faiz Zargar from Islamia College and Asma Firdous from Women’s College M A Road Bagged the first three positions.

Ajit Mangar, Dean of College of Architecture and Design, Mody University also put in his weight behind importance of interest in careers. He said that interest brought in ability so a student’s interest was more important. He also spoke about the importance of education of girls and how they can become an important asset to the society.

  • Title: Mody University organises debate on Career choice
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