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Men and Women in Black

A profession in law isn’t just about long, flowing black robes, reams of documents and lots of late night drafting and re-drafting. It can be a swanky job with loads of money. But mind you—there is hard work and just no end to it. Don’t ever think you are done if you win your client a tough case. You have to prove yourself with every case. In fact, with every hearing.

This is a profession where no one will show any mercy to you. Nor should you show it to any one. You may be great friends with another lawyer, but if you are arguing a case at the opposite ends, then it is war.

A profession in law starts with a basic course in law, commonly a bachelor’s LLB. You can go for an LLM or other specialised courses in this stream.

To begin with your spoken and written skills have to be top notch. You have to be a good orator as well as a keen listener. Remember, you have to argue a case before a court room in front of a judge or an array of judges who know law inside out. The judges will cross question you. So take no chances.

Then your opposite number will be looking for loose ends or faulty arguments in your argumentation all the time. Just as you analyse his or her every word, he/she is doing the same, perhaps more ferociously. The moment he/she catches you on the wrong foot, consider the case is gone if you don’t have a Plan B or a strong counter argument. And that calls for a sharp presence of mind. There is no time to err.

While working on a case you have got to get hold of all the documentary evidence to support your arguments. Then you should be able to put the right spin on your arguments. That is where your logic, analytical prowess, reasoning etc come into play. Besides you have to have tons of knowledge about law, recent judgments and legal precedence and so on.

So you can start off soon after your graduation and apply for a three year degree LLB offered by many universities. Or you can go for a 5 year LLB integrated course soon after your 10+2. Different universities have different criteria for admission. You’ll have to check that out. The fee also varies and in the top schools can go up to Rs 2 lacs.

You usually start as an assistant to a senior lawyer to learn the nuts and bolts of the profession. You can later branch off as an independent lawyer, join a corporate or other private organisation, or opt for an academic career as a teacher or go for competitive exams in the government sector where LLB is a pre requisite.

We give you list of top law schools here. Access their websites to find more.

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