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Drive down from Srinagar and in around four hours you’re here in Lolab. Unwind yourself away from the hustle and bustle of your daily life. Lush green paddy fields against a backdrop of mountains and verdant forests await you. Tiny hamlets dot the valley. People are very welcoming and will offer you nunchai and homemade rotis. Children will guide you around.

A fresh water stream runs through the valley. Natural beauty apart, the catch of Lolab are its mystery caves that lead to nowhere. Folks say Kalaroos cave opens in Russia. Try your luck. The Satbaran rocky cave structure with its seven doors points to some ancient period in history. Further ahead is Chandigam- a campers delight. Drangyari has dense forests and diverse wildlife. Tourist huts at Khumriyal and Chandigam are where you can stay. Go motor biking and trekking. You’ll love it all the way. Don’t forget to carry a good camera along.

Mesmerised by Lolab’s beauty, poet-philosopher Iqbal sang:

PaniTereChashmoonKaTadaptaHuwaSeemaab/Murghan-E-Sahar Teri Fazaon Mein HainBetaab/ AeWadi-e-Lolaab! AeWadi-e-Lolaab!

(Your springs and lakes with water pulsating and quivering like quicksilver/

the morning birds fluttering about the sky, agitated and in turmoil/

O Valley of Lolab! O Valley of Lolab!)

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