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How to teach the new generation students?

Sheikh Shabir

As a teacher, I believe that it is essential to teach the new generation students differently. Every time, you plan your lesson or topic, you must keep your students in mind and never forget that they are active, curious and thinking beings.

Before assigning them an activity we should first understand the purpose of the activity and explain it to them. It has many benefits: one, students understand the purpose of learning something. Two, they feel motivated to learn. Three, their learning becomes better and effective.

A teacher should not tell students to do any activity with out making them understand why they should do it. This makes them curious to know how something will help them.  This hunger to know the benefit of doing something makes them hard workers, keen observers and disciplined students, eliminating the need for verbal or physical punishments.

Students will always be in a learning mode. The problem of indiscipline will vanish. And your job will become enjoyable.

Students look upon you as a facilitator, helper and patient listener. You can well ensure that their notes are simple and clear.

   You should encourage them to ask questions.  You can put your own questions to them. If a student comes up with a wrong answer, you should never rebuke or insult them. Instead reward them with positive words for having at least tried.    That appeals to the student’s sense of pride and encourages them to answer or question more. A competition sets in among them to score more than others. That will make your class room the happiest and the most beneficial place to work in.

Trying to know what is going on in the minds of your students, you may, sometimes, find it difficult to discover anything about them. Instead, you learn that they are very active mentally and just need a window to express themselves. Just give the window and watch them at their best. How easy teaching becomes then! Yes, they, sometimes, are not able to give right answers or think creatively. But most of the time, their responses are quick and correct.

As a teacher, I respect and recognize students. And show great care and respect when they talk, act or read. I know that if they are ignored, they feel nervous, rejected and dejected. Or if only a student of more intelligence is given attention, others feel jealous and inferior. These are negative emotions and affect their studies and health. So I pay equal attention to all my students so that none feels neglected.

In this day and age, teachers must do more while teaching. Gone are the days when the traditional ways of teaching-learning were good for people. Now times have changed; so have the minds of our children. We teachers must recognize that, and even parents must be aware of the modern day needs of their children.

I have found that students are gifted with talent to face various challenges of life. A class room should give them a chance to explore, and express it. By that, they get confidence, self-belief and a positive self-image. They like their studies and feel that no subject is difficult to learn.

The good thing is that we as teachers can make teaching-learning an enjoyable, easy and fruitful exercise. For that we have to use newer and attractive ways. If we use proper ways and means to teach, I think nothing is impossible. All we need is to take more pains, motivate our students, respect them, value them and give them opportunities to show their hidden talents. That way, we will see them on road to secure bright future.

Let’s pledge that we teachers, at any level in the field of education, make the noblest job of teaching-learning easier for students. They learn the best in a school environment which respects and recognizes their talents.

(The author is currently working as a Resource Person in Kulgam)

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