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How about a break in Films?

Are you one of those creative types who love to think out of the box?

And, are you one of those trapped in the box because you don’t know how to put your ideas to work?

Then probably you can read on and seriously consider a career in films.

Acting, shakting, dishumdishum, uh, ah and all those chase and romantic scenes. Well, films are that, but much much more.

Broadly speaking you’ve two types of films. One, documentary films that deal with factual situations and real life persons.

Or, we can say stuff that is actually there or has happened as a matter of fact. Briefly these are films that deal with reality and its presentation.

Films that you have watched on environment, wildlife, politics, natural or man made tragedies, etc. fall in this category. Then, we have feature films where things are fictionalised and situations are enacted out. All those grand sets, fight scenes, song and dance sequences, emotional scenes, those dramatic parts and so on are part of the genre of feature films.In short, films that are dramatised and based on fiction.

Although there are feature films which are based on actual characters and actual happenings, their story is by a good measure fictionalised and dramatised.We also have documentaries where actual happenings are recreated as authentically as possible through enactments. We call them docu-dramas. Well, that’s a cool name. That was a little introduction about the world of films.

Films have a language of their own. There are also lots of technical things involved here. And whether you are dealing with documentary or fictional films, the story telling must have creativity and aesthetics in it. All these things have to be learnt. And there are two ways of doing it. One, go to a big time film city and struggle and struggle and struggle to get yourself into some production by making rounds and rounds and rounds of the producer or director. If you’re lucky to get a break, it will take you years to learn the art, craft and technicalities of film making. Then there is other way. Take up a film course in some really cool film institute. That will arm you with all the basics of maaring an entry into the film world. Rest depends on your hard work. And, of course, luck. That’s if you believe in it.

There are nnumber of things you can take up in the film making world. Production, direction, screen writing, sound, production design, art direction, editing and post production, cinematography, animation—that’s just to name a few.

Film making is a very rewarding field--money, fame, job satisfaction-- everything is there. But, you’ve to be at your best all the time and prove yourself with every film.

We’ll leave you with addresses of some top film schools in India and around the world. Try your luck. But hang on. Any course in any stream of film making can be way too expensive depending upon the institute you choose. Check out the details of fee, admission procedure and all other things on the websites.

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