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Grandparents take part in kindergarten activities (FWS)

In line with its theme for April, “Family and Neighbours”, enthusiastic grandparents took part in various activities with their grandchildren at the kindergarten campus of Foundation World School (FWS) on April 30.

UKG students created a book where they filled blank spaces with their grandparents, LKG did a doodle wall where grandparents and children drew sketches and wrote messages, Nursery children did a grandparent role play in front of their grandparents. “Mini-museum” was created where a few old artefacts were exhibited along with their modern counterparts, like watches, utensils, incense stick holders, and money banks.
Children gave their grandparents a guided tour of the school showing them their different activity centres within the school premises.
The elders met with the management and appreciated their efforts and expressed their willingness to participate in such events in the future

 “It was my dream to have a school like this accessible to our children and today it is here. My granddaughter is blessed to be in your school” A participant remarked.

A week earlier, the school has taken children to Badamwari along with their parents.

FWS is affiliated to Cambridge International Examinations and plans to offer IGCSE, A level and Advanced A levels through CIE. CIE runs in more than 10000 school world-over with around 600 schools operating within India.

  • Title: Grandparents take part in kindergarten activities (FWS)
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