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Doodhpathri may look like another meadow Kashmir is famous for. But it is more than that. You have to be there to know how Doodpathri is a grazing pasture for the Gujjar community whose wood and stone huts dot the meadow here and there. In the backdrop you’ll find pine forests.

A river gushes through the meadow. Its water is ice cold. Take a dip if you’re feeling too hot. You will find amazing pebbles around the stream which you would love to carry back home.

Doodpathri is over an hour’s drive from Srinagar, perched high on the deep mountains of Budgam.

What you love about this place is its secluded feel. It is a huge expanse of greenery where you can unwind with little to disturb you. It is not frequented by too many outside tourists. But you’ll find lots of sheep grazing under the watchful eyes of the local shepherds.

If you plan to stay overnight carry a tent with you.  This is the best time to be there. Later months get really cold. Winter is freezing cold here, because of its high altitude. 

Last but not the least-- don’t miss out  on a long horse ride across the meadow.

Doodpathri’s blue sky is calling you out. Don’t miss it this summer.

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