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Cross evaluate teachers?

Hashim, teacher

It is important to have cross evaluation. There should be a feedback column on teachers in the admission forms. It will help teachers improve their skills and hold over the subject. This way students will also respect their teachers.

Aadil, student

There should be cross evaluation of teachers but through selected students because most are careless at young age. So only students who perform well in the class should evaluate and select their teachers.

Shafia, student

Students are the future of our nation and if they face problems with their teachers, the result will of course be bad. So they must be given every possible freedom to evaluate their teachers. This will make both students and teachers more responsible.


Cross evaluation is the way forward. It should be introduced in all educational institutions in Kashmir. It will solve many issues related to education.


Cross evaluation of teachers is necessary but it shouldn’t be through students. A special committee of experts should be established to carry out the process.


I am to no one to judge a teacher but if a particular teacher can’t deliver in the class to the satisfaction of the students then we should have the freedom to replace him/her through a process of student evaluation.


It is a good thing to evaluate and choose a teacher. But some teachers are lenient and some are strict. Students will mostly choose lenient teachers. So it may not give the right results.

Faizana, student

The students are dependent upon the teacher, so there should be cross evaluation for the sake of the future of the students. Not all teachers are upto mark. This process will help them to take corrective measures.



There should be cross evaluation and a student should also be given the right to choose his/her teacher through such a process.


Definitely, we should go for cross evaluation. This will create more interest among students towards class room activities. This will also improve the teacher-student relationship as both will be accountable to each other.

Sameem, student

Feedback from students about teachers will help teachers in knowing their deficiencies. Educational institutions should make it a regular practice to pass the student feedback onto teachers. There is no shame in students evaluating their teachers.

Aaftab, teacher

Cross evaluation of teachers will improve the quality of teaching. Institutions which carry out such a process are better than those that don’t. This will give you a better crop of teachers.

Barkat, student

How can a student judge a teacher or decide whether a teacher is good for him or not. This process won’t help in any way.


As told to  Numan Ahmad

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