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Co-education is very important for the all round personality development of children so that they grow as responsible citizens free of gender biases. Girls and boys understand each other better in a co-ed environment as they grow together.

Sami Ullah, Student

Co-education isn’t something that’s necessary. If not bad, it does not lead to any good for the society either.

Manaan, Student

I think it’s ok till school, but not after that. Boys and girls seem to form biased opinions about each other in co-ed.


It gives both genders a way to interact with one another in a suitable environment. But it is the responsibility of the school to make certain rules and regulate their behaviour.

Mushtaq, Writer

Co-education should start from school. It helps both genders develop in a gender-equal manner, in which none harps any wrong notion about the other.


Having been a medical student I am against co-education as it’s really awkward to study in co-ed. And secondly today’s society is morally corrupt so mixing of men and women should not be permissible nowadays.


Personally I am not in favour of co- education, given the kind of social atmosphere we live in. But, up to primary classes like 4th, 5th grade it’s alright.

Asrar, Teacher

Children are innocent and we should not inculcate this ideology of gender difference in them by following a segregated system of education. This will lead to bad results later on. 


It teaches you equality which helps you in having good relations with the opposite gender in later years of life.

Saima, Student

Being from an all-girls school, I believe it's better not to have co-ed as one is free from all kinds of restrictions. So one can develop well when you are free. But in co-ed it's obvious there will be some restrictions.


There should be no co-ed at all, and, if it is necessary, then it should be only at university level when one is mature enough and knows the purpose of life.


Co-ed breeds immorality among youth. In such a system education takes a back seat and students indulge in romantic affairs and waste their time.


It provides a conducive atmosphere for a child to grow up in and overcome shyness and lack of confidence. It should be there from the beginning.

— As told to  Badr-u-Nissa

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