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To be in black is to know the truth, 

Which for ever and always, it has spoken

Light thought to be our friend, 

Is full of deception.

Darkness which shows the reality, 

the reality of life, Is pushed aside. 

Black, looks hopeless, yet holds every secret

So secretive, shows us nothing, 

Yet on every step, clarifies everything. 

So obscure, yet so clear. 

Even if it's just a little spark. 

It's the darkness which shows us the light, 

The light followed by evermore. 

Yes, it does scare us, because we are the slaves of treachery

Held in its shackles, we, all of us. 

White, the one which rejects all spectral lines, 

But the black, which absorbs all, knows all. 

But still we don't want to hear a bit of truth. 

So much scared of the truth we are,

That we conceal the truth and stay afar.


Berjees Zargar

Class 12th

Green Valley Educational Institute

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