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In Kashmir, almond blossoms are the harbingers of a vivacious spring. It is a sight to watch as the almond trees bloom with pinkish white flowers that sprout in the beginning of March – white as if seeing off the harsh winter and pink as to welcome the pleasant and colourful spring.

In yesteryears people in Srinagar would throng the Badamvaer on the banks of Nageen in the foothills of Kohimaran along with a Samovar and water chestnuts to be part of festivities surrounding the almond bloom.
After the vast Badamvaer fell to growing urbanisation, J&K Bank reclaimed and developed a part of it, to bring back a part of the tradition.

It is thronged again by families looking for a quiet outing in the lap of nature. Badamvaer offers a spectacle of colour and celebrations. It is also visited by tourists, as well as joggers craving for fresh morning air.
It gives Kashmir tourism more scope and flexibility. It provides a dose of history as well as the majesty of color, changing the complexion of the way seasons are looked at in Kashmir.

Maintained by the bank, the alcove dotted with almond trees, has a joggers path lined with a variety of flowers. An additional attraction is a deep well known as Waris Khan Tchah built by the Mughal administrator Waris Khan during Akbar’s reign.

There is an amphitheatre as well to enjoy cultural programs in open air.

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