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Are private tutions necessary?

Shabana, Teacher

They are not good in my perspective. Tuitions divert  the attention of the students. If the school is providing them good education then there is no need to go for  private tuitions. Many tuition centres  are just money making machines.

Ahtisham, Student

Today  parents want to  show off that our children are going to a coaching centre where they pay hefty fees. But they don’t care about the quality of education their children get at  these tuition centres.

Iqrar, Teacher

For some students the only goal is to complete  the syllabus. So for them tuitions are not necessary. But there are some students who need to know beyond syllabus and even beyond their capability. So it is here the need for tuition centers arises.


In school a teacher cannot deliver his/her lecture with satisfaction because of time constraints. At private tuition centres  a teacher can give as much  time as is required  because there is no permanent timetable for him.

Zara, Student

Parents want their children to get quality education . But you don’t get that in schools particularly government owned schools. So they start looking for  private tuition centers.


Tuitions are necessary for career oriented students.Tuition centers play a key role in providing education. There  should be proper monitoring of these centres so that they deliver quality education.


Tuitions give us a detailed description of the subjects which is not possible in 45 min class in schools. But tuition centres should not replace schools as the primary source of education are schools.

Sara, Teacher

It’s a  burden for a child to manage school and private tuitions. If the school is providing excellent education,  there’s  no need for tuitions. Today  spoon feeding is forced on students.  Whenever they face  difficulties in studies  they ask for private tuitions.


 Private tuitions are good for those who’re weak in studies and need some additional guidance.


I’m against tuitions. I believe proper schooling and self study  from schools can create curiosity for knowledge in a child. The basic purpose of education is and should remain knowledge not marks.

Jassrah, Student

Private tuitions aren’t good because school is the basic place where we learn. But they have become a means of earning money. Nowadays they are left with only one work that is the proof people have passed so and so classes. If schools give proper education then there would be no need for tuition centers.


We don’t know when  there will be a strike or curfew and in these conditions the schools have to be closed. Now a student can’t study all by himself. He needs help and this comes from tuition centers.

Burhan, Student

Tutions are very important for us. Students also take  private tuitions seriously than schools.

-- As told to  Numan Ahmad

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