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About us

Welcome to the new, Digital age

We know People are spending more and more time in front of “screens”, whether that’s the TV, computer, tablet or mobile phone. Still print isn’t dead, but it is changing dramatically. And the argument now isn’t so much about where content should live; it’s that content should live everywhere. So, What’s really changing is the role of content itself. On the other hand, the readers are evolving, too. They are less passive end-users and are starting to create content of their own. They expect interaction in their everyday readings (such as commenting, social media liking and sharing), multimedia (video and sound clips, eye catching animations) and of course, feedback (a proof that the editors of their favorite magazines really hear their requests, critics or compliments). Kashmir impulse - 1st Digital magazine from Kashmir, where content will be accessible across all major media platforms, like mobiles & Tabs, Audio, Video, Print, Website. The magazine supports all social media/sharing platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Printset, Instigram etc.



Children, teens, youth, local writers, plus recognized regional and national authors, artists, experts and professional journalists.



 The direct beneficiaries are young people, Parents, Schools, Teachers.


Involvement of children

GenNext is involved in many significant ways. The magazine has a reporting team made up of high school and college journalists, who report and write stories every month.


Editorial Content

The editorial content of Kashmir Impluse (KI) has been conceived and devised to cater to the needs and tastes of youth in Kashmir. The content has an informal and conversational tone so that youth find it easy to identify themselves with it. The print and on–line editions of the magazine intend to be the voice of youth in Kashmir. Both editions will carry diverse content. KI will cover a wide range of topics from social, educational, health to personal. KI aims to blend style with substance and provide meaningful content in an entertaining way. KI runs regular in-depth, researched stories on issues and matters related to youth but which have a wider impact on the society. The magazine features regular reports on the activities of youth in different fields. Several sections of KI provide a platform for youth to debate and discuss and get their views and analyses across to the society. There is also a section that showcases talented youth and their work in different fields. KI has several sections where youth can display their creative expression in poetry, story writing, essays, painting, photography and the like. KI also has several sections which will act as a bridge between parents, teachers and youth. KI runs a column on moral and value-based education. Another section covers environment. There is doctor’s column where health related matters are taken up. A counselling section where queries from youth are answered by our experts is also there. Another column provides an opportunity to youth give a first person account about the ups and downs of their life. The magazine features a section on history as well. There is a lot more in the magazine to suit any taste anytime of the year. Every section of the magazine has a distinct visual look and mood. Conceived, customised and designed primarily for youth, people of all ages will find the magazine useful.


In a time of emails and instant messaging, finding something in the print you really get identified with is still really special. If our youth groan at the thought of reading or even opening a book, a magazine subscription might be just the ticket. Jam-packed with stories, activities, cartoons, games, and ear-pleasing poems, this monthly magazine has a nice mix of reading levels. We bet it will keep young ones running to the magazine all year long. Opening windows for these young minds- KI delivers with a wide range of facts and stranger-than-fiction photography, brain teasers, jokes, riddles, and word puzzles to keep the fun factor high.



KI is transforming its editorial formulas to cultivate an online presence and sustain Net-savvy readers' interest between print issues. We use our own & companion web sites to solicit reader feedback and build a loyal following. polls, debates,surveys, and message boards provide readers the opportunity to express their opinions and experiences, and contribute ideas to the print version. KI Internet edition, is a forum for young voices, written by young for young, who express their perspective through their writings, reviews, art, photography, and other creative work. Audio Video Audio & Video is increasingly becoming a central part of our everyday landscape of communication, and it is becoming more visible as people share it on digital platforms. People make and share videos to tell their stories. KI will make audio and visual content available on our online edition.


Social Media

Social media has strong growth and huge potential - it's a great tool for our journalism. A highly engaged, dedicated and vociferous part of our audience uses this media. Our social media editions will contain print and audio visual material.


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