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Peer Ki Gali

Benish Ali Bhat

At an altitude of around 11,300 ft, Peer Ki Gali is the highest pass on the Mughal Road and has historically served as a gateway to Kashmir Valley. 

The picturesque pass mesmerises tourists and travellers with its breathtaking beauty. The place looks surreal with gushing streams, fresh breeze and clouds floating all around.

The spot is increasingly becoming a favoured tourist destination.

Hari Parbat Fort

Nishah Zargar

At the top of Kohimaran hill, the 200-year-old Hari Parbat fort built by Afghan governor Atta Mohammad is an integral part of Srinagar skyline.

The first fortifications on the site were actually built by Mughal emperor Akbar in 1590, but then the construction was never completed. The present fort was constructed in 1808 during the reign of Shuja Shah Durrani.


In Kashmir, almond blossoms are the harbingers of a vivacious spring. It is a sight to watch as the almond trees bloom with pinkish white flowers that sprout in the beginning of March – white as if seeing off the harsh winter and pink as to welcome the pleasant and colourful spring.