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Over Burdened Generation

Beenish Ali


Mashood - Tyndale Biscoe School

Saddam Hussain - Cresent Public School

Jasafa Showkat - Green Valley Educational Institute

Arsh Aijaz - Mallinson Girls School

This edition of Let’s Talk features students from higher secondary classes whose daily routines are hectic. They keep on shuttling between their schools and tuitions. Do they lose themselves in the process? This is the question they debate with Benish Ali Bhat.

Culture and its relevance among Youth

Benish: Let’s start with the question, what does culture signify for you, Insha?

Insha: Culture is your identity. What people of a particular place are identified by and known for. It is something that defines you. For example, Pheran identifies with Kashmir and it’s a part of our culture. It represents our beliefs as well.

EXAMS : Are they relevant ?

Yes, we know you don’t like exams. Nobody does.
So Kashmir Impulse (KI) reporter Nishah Zargar sat with a bunch of youngsters and had a chat with them on the merits and demerits of the examination system.
This is how the debate went:


NISHAH:  Great to have you people on this show. Reyan, let me start with you. Are exams relevant?

Late Marriages

Benish: Welcome everybody. Nazir, why late marriages?

Nazir: We need to look at the sociological and economic setup. It has become a norm that a person should be well settled before he/ she can think about marriage. By that time it’s already very late. The focus is career and not marriage.

Sameem:  See, I am single and can sleep even on a couch or eat anything but when you’re married, you’ve responsibilities. Getting prepared for those responsibilities is what results in late marriages.

TEACHERS: Role in present

Faizan: Let’s jump straight into the discussion. What is your concept of an ideal teacher?

Rameez: Ideal is something beyond perfection. A teacher cannot be perfect. Anyone who teaches well, understands our problems, tries to make clear the very goal of your life is a good teacher.

Owais: I agree but a teacher’s role has changed over the years. His role also changes with the subject he teaches.