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Changes in Parenting


In this issue of Mom & Pop, we talk to two generations of parents to understand how parenting has changed over time.Parenting has always been a challenge, but the approach one takes differs not only from person to person but from one generation to another. What are the things that today’s parents do differently from their own parents? Here Shafat Naqshbandi, a businessman, his wife Ms Nashia Vakil,his parents Prof Saleem Naqshbandiand Mrs Saleem Naqshbandi, and his aunt Ms Jameela Naqshbandi, an educationist, share their views with us.


To be in black is to know the truth, 

Which for ever and always, it has spoken

Light thought to be our friend, 

Is full of deception.

Darkness which shows the reality, 

the reality of life, Is pushed aside. 

Black, looks hopeless, yet holds every secret

So secretive, shows us nothing, 

My guardian angel


All those beautiful moments, it seems like it was yesterday. It is hard to believe that it has been eight years since I lost my guide, my mentor, my motivator, my inspiration - my dad.
All I am left with are memories and there is no way I can get him back. All I can do is reminisce those everlasting moments. Though, I no longer can have his hand over my head, his kiss on my forehead, and his pat on my back, can’t sit with him and chat, can’t live those moments again.

How to teach the new generation students?

Sheikh Shabir

As a teacher, I believe that it is essential to teach the new generation students differently. Every time, you plan your lesson or topic, you must keep your students in mind and never forget that they are active, curious and thinking beings.

Before assigning them an activity we should first understand the purpose of the activity and explain it to them. It has many benefits: one, students understand the purpose of learning something. Two, they feel motivated to learn. Three, their learning becomes better and effective.