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Handle your hair with care

Dr. Imran Majid

Skin Specialist

Ø  How can one tame frizzy, dry and damaged hair?

Frizzy and dry hair is basically unhealthy hair. And the best way to tame such hair is by improving its health. Giving proper nutrition to the hair, avoiding harsh physical and chemical agents and proper conditioning are the three main methods that can be employed. 

Ø  What usually causes hair damage in youth, and how can it be prevented or treated?

Perfect Smile

Who doesn’t aspire to have a perfect smile? For that taking care of Oral hygiene is very important. Dr Javaid Qanungo, Dental Surgeon at JLNM Hospital answers some common queries pertaining to dental health.
Q1: What causes dental problems especially in youth?

We’re eyeing your eyes

You spend so much time working on your teeny weeny netbook or its elder cousin the lap top or the grandpa of all of them -- the desktop. Mama told you so many times. So did Pops. “Beta, you’ll damage your eyes. Just leave that computer shumputeralone.” Isn’t it?  Excessive use of computer can cause vision and related problems. Experts call it CVS – computer vision syndrome. That’s a nice name, by the way. To find more we got in touch with DrSajjadFazilli, a top eye specialist of the valley and a fine cricketer of yesteryears.

Skin Problems

Acne, skin rashes, pigmentation, itching, a pimple here and another there and so on. Obviously, you find all this annoying. You dab this cream and that ointment thinking it’ll go away. Nothing helps. You pull your hair and scream, “Its not going away. Now, what do I do about this?” The frustration just keeps building up. “Will this leave me defaced?” Isn’t that what you ask?

Chubby-Healthy or at Risk?

People around you may love your chubby looks. Or, they may make jokes about it which you may love. Or, may be you think you look cute with those tubby cheeks and that flab here and there on your body. 

But take care. Chances are doctors will categorize you as obese or going to be one. And it is not about the jokes people make about you. It is about a serious disease.

Doctors say obesity hits mostly youth. And once it sets in, it can have serious medical implications.

Exam butterflies

Examination time! Yes, we know that sets butterflies fluttering in your stomach. But panic not —that’s normal. We spoke to senior psychiatrist DrMushtaqMarghoob about it. He told us how you can catch all these butterflies, where this anxiety comes from, how to handle it and much, much more. So over to Dr Sahib: 

Doctor, what is examination anxiety?