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Do you Read?

In an era, when answers to all questions begin and end in Google, are there any takers for books? Baseera Rafiqi tries to find out.

Books never go out of fashion, the manager at a city bookstore tells me, as I ask if they get any customers from among the youth – a generation overwhelmed by Facebook Timeline, and grown up seeking answers to every query from Google.com.

Outside, some girls are glued to the window,looking keenly at a showcased book, I am Malala.

Riding to freedom

Haika Sajad

Srinagar, Feb 29:

For 23-year-old Marouf scooty was the only way out of the harassment girls face in public transport.

A mass-communication student at the University of Kashmir, Marouf has been riding the two-wheeler since 2012, when she was studying at the Government College for Women Nawakadal.

During the first year of her college, she says she was annoyed by unnecessary pushing and shoving in public transport.

“It was annoying, so I preferred to walk from my Batamaloo residence to Nawakadal College,” she said.

What it takes to produce toppers - Jamia-tul-Banaat

Jamia-tul-Banaat, an Islamic institute for girls that also provides modern education to women, has taken many people by surprise by bagging top positions in the Arts stream in the this year’s Class XII results. Established as a college in 1999 in Srinagar’s Lal Bazaar area, the college offers Aalimah and Fazilah courses. The duration of the course at Jamia-Tul-Banaat is of six years. The students are taught Arabic in the first year, referred to as Pre-Aalimah, after which they join a two year Aalimah course.

What it takes to produce toppers - Cresent Classes

Launched in 2010, Crescent Classes is setting examples year after year by producing toppers in board examinations. Standing out, right from the beginning, 41 of the 55 students enrolled in the coaching institute cracked the AIEEE in 2010 - the year it started. In recently declared class XII results, it bagged 11 positions and 59 distinctions. “We believe in providing education in an environment that is conducive to learning and growth” says Mohammad Shahid, Director Crescent Classes.

Will O' The Wisp

It's 10:55 again
Since I was as young as 12, I had come to believe that my life is intimately interwoven with this juxtaposition of this minute and hour hand at 10:55. Oh my Allah, it simply never escaped my eye. I would always surmise about what this time had in store for me. My imaginings would never relinquish to wander into causes of consequences. That's how day dreaming became an important part of my life. I never knew 10:55 would be the ignis fatuus for me.

Restless mind

Anxiety about one’s examination results is but natural.
Here Numan Ahmad shares his anxieties as he was waiting for the results.
There is this natural phenomenon common in our times; pre result anxiety and post result deaths. I know calling it a natural phenomenon is a little too much, but for us, results are seriously a big deal though. For me it sure is not big enough a deal to end life. No one should. I have appeared in my 12th class examinations and am spending sleepless nights waiting for D-Day.