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TV journalism always fascinated me

An International News Editor with Istanbul-based TRT World News Mohsin Majid Mughal started his journalism career from Srinagar. In an interaction with Benish Bhat, Mughal recounts his journey from Kashmir to Turkey.

Television journalism has always fascinated Mohsin Majid Mughal, and quite early in his teens he wanted to be a part of it.

A bollywood dream

Benish Ali Bhat

Fifteen-year-old Zaira Wasim from Srinagar became the talk of the town after she landed a role in Bollywood biopic “Dangal”, produced by Aamir Khan Productions. She plays the child Geeta Poppat, India’s first female wrestler to win at 2010 Commonwealth games, and shares screen space with superstar Aamir Khan.

The journey from being just another girl at her school to a mini-celebrity was so fast that it took her completely unawares.

You can always make it BIG !

Benish Ali Bhat

What would you say if I tell you that a person who stammered well into his teens, has just spent 111 hours (four and a half days) at a stretch on air? Sardar Nasir Ali Khan or RJ Nasir, as you popularly know him, pushed the boundaries of radio jockeying in Kashmir with this feat. with this he also set an example that your weaknesses, however, big can be overcome.
“We began with a goal of completing 92.7 hours on air but then decided to achieve 111 hours which is a Nelson and looks good too,” says Nasir.

Big Opportunity

And so a dream comes to fruition. A 24 year old, blue eyed, bouncy Photoshoped- lookalike of a young John Travolta walks into the editor’s chamber at CNN-IBN, New Delhi. “We have a job for you,” the editor tells the young man.

The ‘Little Dervish’

She is big on thoughts. Philosophical thoughts.Poetic expression. Her paintings reflect a mystical Sufi world. “Stairs have a great quality.