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Follow your heart

Benish Ali Bhat

Art is a creative expression of ideas. Any career one chooses requires a certain amount of creativity, but a career in ‘fine arts’ is all about creativity and artistic skills.

Choosing fine arts as a career stream, however, is not an easy choice for fears of a lack of job security.  Many artists pursue another career alongside to keep the hearth burning.

Be your own Boss

Insha Mir

If you are passionate about doing something on your own, are a risk taker, and can’t handle a boss, well then, entrepreneurship may just be the right thing for you.

In simple terms, entrepreneurship is about selling a product or an idea, but then it is also about innovating, like what new you have to offer, about packaging and repackaging products and ideas, and having knowledge of your target market. It also is about your leadership quality and how you can manage your business and let it survive in difficult times.

To be or not to be an RJ?

Well, our mushwara would be one if you have it in you. But exactly who is this RJ? An RJ is someone with vulcanised rubber lips, a tongue made of chewing gum, a brain made from saw dust, a square belly and a tail that glows in sunlight. We mean it. Go and check it out. PJ! PJ!

Men and Women in Black

A profession in law isn’t just about long, flowing black robes, reams of documents and lots of late night drafting and re-drafting. It can be a swanky job with loads of money. But mind you—there is hard work and just no end to it. Don’t ever think you are done if you win your client a tough case. You have to prove yourself with every case. In fact, with every hearing.

This is a profession where no one will show any mercy to you. Nor should you show it to any one. You may be great friends with another lawyer, but if you are arguing a case at the opposite ends, then it is war.

Building a building?

If you think constructing a building is just about erecting four walls, putting one concrete slab over another, fitting in doors and windows and lo, your house is done, then you are terribly wrong. And if you also think it is something masons, carpenters and labourers can do, then you are even more wrong. There is a creature called the architect who has the expertise to handle such critical tasks.

How about a break in Films?

Are you one of those creative types who love to think out of the box?

And, are you one of those trapped in the box because you don’t know how to put your ideas to work?

Then probably you can read on and seriously consider a career in films.

Acting, shakting, dishumdishum, uh, ah and all those chase and romantic scenes. Well, films are that, but much much more.

Broadly speaking you’ve two types of films. One, documentary films that deal with factual situations and real life persons.